Watson Studio

I am in between websites, finally getting to designing and building this new website.  My old website, watsonstudio.com  , has been in need of updating for far too long, with sold items not marked or removed, so if you are interested in ordering an item from that site, please email to

check first if it is available ( glassartist70@hotmail.com ).  I apologize for the inconvenienc

e, but I have moved after many, many years in the same location, and the move was much more disruptive than I imagined.  I also offer items on Etsy, and they can be seen here:  Art to Hold  or by clicking on the Etsy display block lower on this page.

I have been away from working on the website for too long, and have had various troubles working with and upgrading the old site.  Rather than spend the time working on that site, with the old site building program (web easy, which I was very happy with and which worked very well) I have decided to use Word Press, and more of the new technologies and social media, such as twitter, facebook, and pinterest, as well as incorporating a blog into this new site.

I have decided to leave this new site exposed and accessible while I am building it for a number of reasons, mostly because I have had a few people interested in seeing the site develop from start to finish.   So, please excuse what will be a consistently unfinished site whil

e this work progresses.

Thank you for your patience and interest, George Watson